LinkedIn Headshots

A LinkedIn headshot is a great way to make your profile look professional.
LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. If you’re not on it, you’re missing out. And if you don’t have a good profile photo, you’re still missing out.

Why your headshot needs an update.

If you don’t have a good headshot, then you’re not leaving a good first impression with potential clients, business partners, employers, employees, etc. These people need to know that you are three things: friendly, trustworthy, and professional. What better way to demonstrate that than through an amazing profile photo? It doesn’t matter what you write in your profile, no one is going to take you seriously if your photo is simply average.

So what makes a  good headshot? Whether you take your headshot yourself or get it done professionally. It’s important to take these things into consideration:


The background of your headshot photo matters. Colored and patterned backgrounds can be distracting. Go for a clean and simple white or grey. Black is okay too but sometimes I find it to be harsh. You just don’t want to distract from what really matters here, YOU.