Are you an actor, actress, or parent of one who needs a headshot?

 Follow these tips!

Here are some tips for stage-parents who are planning their child’s acting headshot session.

Headshots are critical for an actor. It’s their first step to getting an audition as casting directors and agents go through so many looking for the right fit for the part.  A professional photographer knows how to create a portrait with great lighting, posing, and background.

It’s all in the eyes.  Grab directors’ attention through strong, engaging eye contact. In a headshot, the eyes should communicate directly to the viewer rather than the contemplative off-camera gaze.


What to wear?  We suggest you wear solid color clothes that complement your skin tone and make your eyes pop.

Do I Need Retouching?


Actor headshots generally require little retouching and photoshop as the directors need to know what you  REALLY look like. Imagine a director expecting a sweet 12-year-old blonde and an 18-year-old, blue-haired, tattooed actor shows up!  We removed a few stray hairs. Teenagers with pimples get more attention as we clean up blemishes for them.

 During our session, we coach a variety of poses that includes big smiles, soft smiles, and relaxed non-smiles. Different actors choose different expressions for their final headshots. Some kids don’t want to emphasize their braces or they want to portray a more serious self with a closed mouth expression. Others see their smile and dimples as their best assets. Still, others want to appear younger or more mature through their expression. Either way,  headshots should NOT look goofy or character-driven as directors want to see the person and let their acting skills transform them into the character during the audition.